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About HHOA

Since 1998, the HHOA Hatchery has raised and stocked more than 700,000 fish in over 100 lakes across Haliburton County and surrounding areas. 


We are the largest volunteer hatchery

of 53 across Ontario

Clubs and Events

We have 4 clubs, Archery, Fly Fishing, Bass, Outdoors.  We are focusing on youth initiatives and programs.  Youth, 18 and Under, join our clubs for free.

Events are Wild Game Dinner, Septemberfest, Family Day and Catch the Ace Lottery.

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Get Involved

Want to help us with feeding, cleaning clipping and stocking our local lakes?  Volunteer at the Hatchery.  Other volunteers needed are in Marketing, Operations, Office, etc. Or make a donation or be a sponsor.


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The Hatchery: Our Future

GOULD'S Creek Project

We have undertaken, with a Department of Fisheries and Oceans - a grant beginning April 1, 2018. 


The project will involve restoring Gould's creek and increase spawning areas and the rehabilitation of the spring fed creek.

This one year project needs many volunteers!

We have partnered with MNRF, Trent University, Fleming College, Trout Unlimited Canada, U-Links, and the Casey Family Property amongst others.

Drone footage of Gould's Creek and HHOA property
Canada 150 Celebration Day at HHOA, May 2017