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The provincial government has released its decision notice on the proposed changes to moose management as part of the Moose Review that was undertaken in 2019. Read the full notice here.

Last fall the OFAH made our official submission to the government on the proposed changes. Read it here.

The OFAH employs a team of professional staff to review policy proposals, changes to regulations and legislation and any other initiatives or programs to advocate for Ontario’s natural resources and the rights and traditions of anglers and hunters. Your OFAH responds to proposed changes that could affect fish and wildlife conservation and angling and hunting opportunities. The Federation continues to be involved in moose management by voicing moose hunter issues through the OFAH Big Game Advisory Committee and making recommendations to the MNRF as part of the Moose Project.

Visit our moose hunting issues page for the latest OFAH action, and listed below are examples of your OFAH hard at work on moose management.

Official Submissions

Where we Stand

Moose management decisions must be made using the best available science The existing MNRF selective harvest system should remain the primary tool for allocating adult moose tags in Ontario Ontario moose hunting is economically important, especially in northern Ontario (~60$ million/year – activities relating to moose hunting) Ontario moose hunting is culturally, and socially important (recreation, healthy meat, annual gatherings) The MNRF moose management program should be reviewed on a periodic schedule Moose habitat must be maintained, enhanced or restored through forest management planning Moose conservation must include frequent and reliable moose aerial inventories (population assessment) Moose hunter licence sales (~6.6 $million/year) should be available to support the cost of moose aerial inventories Mandatory reporting for all harvesters is important to accurately estimate annual moose harvest

Committee Involvement

OFAH Big Game Advisory Committee MNRF Big Game Management Advisory Committee MNRF Human-Wildlife Conflict Advisory Group


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