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History of HHOA

Founded in 1992, the Haliburton Highlands Outdoors Association (HHOA) is a dynamic association committed to the sustainable management of our natural resources.  Our goals include:  supporting the tourism and economic base in Haliburton County, promoting the outdoor sports of hunting and fishing; working towards improving wildlife and fish habitats; and educating members and the public on game and fish management.

Ribbon Cutting - Grand Opening HHOA Resource Centre/Hatchery

Since 1998, the HHOA Hatchery has raised and stocked more than 700,000 fish in over 100 lakes across Haliburton County and surrounding areas.  This significant contribution has been key to the rehabilitation of the Haliburton Gold and Kingscote strain of Lake Trout.  Other projects have included:  lake access clean up, shoal spawning and stream restoration, emergency deer feeding and a wildlife seeding program.  In 2012, the HHOA Hatchery will celebrate reaching the half million mark for fish raised in our hatchery and released in Haliburton waters.The HHOA is supported through our active membership and the hard work and dedication of our more than 70 volunteers. 


Community partnerships are integral to our success and have included the Fish & Wildlife Council, local municipalities, Ministry of Natural Resources, County of Haliburton and the Stewardship Council.  In 2005, the HHOA formed a partnership with Fleming College’s Centre for Alternative Wastewater Treatment to launch a constructed wetlands project.  Each year, the hatchery provides connections for local high school and college students to enhance their skills through co-op, internships and volunteering.A signature tourist destination, the hatchery is open year round for daily tours. 


By maintaining healthy fish populations and well stocked lakes, the HHOA supports a vibrant tourist industry in Haliburton County. The HHOA hosts several popular annual events including the Wild Game Dinner and Lake Trout Conservation Dinner.  The grounds surrounding the hatchery are used by local soccer groups and has an archery course for all ages and skills levels.

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