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The largest volunteer run hatchery in the province (there are 53 hatcheries) - we are now 20 years old!

Monies from Fishing licenses are collect by the MNRF and then distributed by OFAH Community Hatchery Program to all 53 volunteer Hatcheries.

This money goes to cover a portion of our total operational costs. 

We receive fingerlings and raise them to stocking size to increase their survival success rate.  

Last year we stocked the lakes with 34000 fish.  This is 40% of the stocking done in Haliburton county.

We raise our famous HALIBURTON GOLD from egg collection in the wild.  In the wild - 1 to 2 per 1000 eggs survive to 8 inches due to natural predators ie crayfish etc.  

In the Hatchery we are able to have 650/1000 survive to 8 inches and are then returned to the lakes.

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